Want A Reliable, "Always-On" Source of Leads For Your Crowdfunding Campaign?

Our Marketing Automation CRM, Social Media Platform Transforms you into a Marketing Machine that Creates & Turns Traffic into Investors, Customers & Revenue like a Sales Team that Never Sleeps, While You Build a Successful Campaign with our Planning Tool


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CrowdfundingCRM ( CFCRM ) powered by MDCDOT is the first Email Marketing CRM and Social Media technology created by crowdfunding and digital marketing industry experts to help you attract, retain and build a crowd of Investors, Backers, Donors, or Pledgers for your campaign, and to market to your clients long after you get funded.

Built for people and businesses with small budgets that need the same high level of best of breed digital technology that fortune 500 companies use, plus a library that has email and social media templates and access to our crowdfund task and action planning tool that provides a virtual placeholder and step by step plan with timelines for creating, launching and running a successful and compliant Crowdfunding campaign, starting at $34.95 a month with no setup fees or long-term contracts.

6 Features That Make CrowdfundingCRM Different

Replicate and brand your campaigns, webpages, social posts, and blogs for each sales rep to market themselves online.

Lead Protection
Enable your sales reps to send prospects to your corporate websites, blogs, and landing pages without losing sales.

Email Verification
At no additional cost, every email address added to your account gets verified through our Kickbox.io integration.

Traffic Rotators
Rotate your website visitors and/or identified leads and assign them to one of your sales reps automatically.

Co-op Blogging
When one of your sales reps sends traffic to your blog, MDC DOT's technology can auto brand the blog to that sales rep.

Cookie-less Tracking
Leverage cutting-edge individual behavior tracking to help you identify and understand your prospects.

We play well with others.

We work with your favorite tools so you can DO MORE.


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