New Chromium Edge Browser By Microsoft

New Chromium Edge Browser By Microsoft

Completely New Chromium Edge Browser launch by Microsoft which will be available for Microsoft and MacOS Platform. Microsoft launch this browser last week. A stable version of this Chromium Edge is available to download on Microsoft official website. Just a year ago Microsoft announced their plan to switch to the chromium.

How You Can Get It ?

The new Chromium Edge browser will be available for the platform like Microsoft and MacOs only. Users need to manually download and install it on their computers.

In Coming days, Microsoft also plan to update their Windows 10 users with this new version of Edge. Microsoft following a slow and careful approach. They bringing the new Edge gradually to groups of Windows 10 users through Windows Update before it’s fully rolled out to everyone. The new browser is indirect update of the Microsoft upcoming update of windows 10.

Similar as Google Chrome

If you are familiar with Chrome browser, then you will get same user experience while using this new Chromium Edge browser. It is very similar like chrome.

New Chromium Edge Browser is based on the chrome browser of google. Its officially available to download and use today, but some features of chrome not available in Microsoft browser while launched. Both history sync and extension sync are missing at launch, but things like favourites, settings, addresses / contact info, and passwords will all sync. Microsoft is planning to launch the updates with this missing features very soon.

Difference Between Chrome & Chromium Edge Browser

Features like Collections, which allows you to collate images and content from the web, and tracking prevention is different from chrome. Three different choice of levels to avoid being tracked on the web, default setting will block trackers from sites you haven’t visited before. This makes sure content and ads are less personalized and harmful trackers are blocked.

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