RIP Windows 7

RIP Windows 7: Microsoft

Windows 7 was released in 2007. More than a decade Microsoft going to quite windows 7 in 2020 itself. Microsoft users still can use this Operating system in their personal computers, but there will no more updates from Microsoft.

Users still can use Windows 7

Like windows XP, Users can use Windows 7. Just like before users can use win 7 but only with one notification that will show the message for “Your Windows 7 PC is out of support,”. But experts recommend users to avoid to use of this OS anymore. If you still want to use win 7, you must have full of security with good Antivirus software in 2020.

Get Security Patches Somehow?

Microsoft already retired the win 7 , but they still want to support existing and old user of this operating system by providing “extended security updates”. Microsoft will provide this security updates only to organisations like businesses and governments. But Microsoft will charge some fee for this security updates to this organisations. If you are a home user of win 7, then this security updates will not be available for you.

Will it be secure to use Windows 7 ?

That depends. Experts said, that will be more dangerous as time goes, because the the security. Attackers will able to hack you with unsecure version of win 7. Softwares, browsers and other applications will drop support for windows 7 officially and it will be more dangerous to use.

Experts advised users to upgrade win 7 to later versions of this operating system for security reasons.

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