1. CrowdfundingCRM helps harness the power of automation and duplication to help you build a powerful crowdfunding campaign while you build a crowd of contacts and turn those leads into raving investors, backers or customers like no other technology on the market.

2. If you don’t use Marketing Automation technology to build a crowd not only won’t you be engaging new prospects, but you won’t even know you have new prospects.

3. If you are serious about raising lot's of capital then you need to know how big a crowd you will need. Calculate how many potential supporters or investors you will need to reach your campaign goal if only 1% at the minimum amount responded, and then you will understand why you need CFCRM

4. It takes, on average, 12 marketing-driven “touches” to progress a warm lead from the first point of contact to take action. The majority are made on the 5th-12th contact. CFCRM helps you automatically tell your story and deliver those messages and easily nurture those interested leads into crowdfunding success.

5. Because there is a 55% to 90 % failure rate in all kinds of crowdfunding.
You cannot build it and they will come. You need to build a crowd long before you launch your campaign.

6. Because you face daunting competition and must meet your funding goals in a very short period of time. You need a digital marketing system where everything can be measured, so you can see the impact your efforts are making in real time.

7. Because in rewards and donation the average contribution is between $10- $25 dollars and without the right tools and processes in place, hitting your goal is difficult, time-consuming, and stressful! And with Title lll a form of equity crowdfunding that will go live in May 2016 and REG A+ that is live already, you need even more help.

8. Because CFCRM templates can help you create more effective marketing material. Scale and deliver more personalized and targeted communications, and measure their effectiveness.

9. Because successful Crowdfunding campaigns require powerful storytelling and a multi-channel marketing effort to drive awareness and convert people into funders, investors or donors.

10. Because successful crowdfunding campaigns are put together and driven by well-skilled people, or professional marketing companies, or teams who really understand how to communicate effectively to a large targeted audience. And that cost lots of money without CFCRM.

11. Because you have a 70% greater chance of raising capital with a team of 4 or more people helping you. Run duplicatable social media, email marketing lead generation pages, all within the CFCRM platform and measure and see the entire effort of your team.

12. Because if you are doing any form of equity crowdfunding and are allowed to solicit the crowd, then compliance in your communication is critical to protecting you from breaking SEC rules. When an issuer, intermediary, broker dealer, or financial advisor involved in selling these new securities fails to tightly control its communication, the potential risks are very high. CFCRM helps you comply with those rules.

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