Social Media Management

Provide a compliant social media program for your Crowdfunding team to deploy on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to drive lead generation and position themselves as thought leaders with potential Investors. Our “Get Social” marketing tool allows you to develop pre-built social post templates with the appropriate hashtags (#) and shortened URLs, so your Crowdfunding sales rep's can deploy them with no formatting or other technical skills needed.

Social Media Management
Our social media manager allows your crowdfunding sales team to easily schedule social posts.

Your crowdfunding sales team can create scheduled post to go out minutes, hours, days, weeks or months in the future. We currently integrate with Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Your crowdfunding sales team can post to their personal or business accounts right from the app.

Your crowdfunding sales team can easily manage scheduled posts and see completed posts.
Turn your Crowdfunding sales team into an army of social media marketers.

Our social post templates feature allows you create social post templates for your crowdfunding sales team to use. Develop categories with pre-built social post templates with the appropriate hashtags (#) and shortened URLs as part of a campaign to promote products or engage your crowdfunding sales team networks.

Now your crowdfunding sales team can stay compliant as they use the power of social media to grow your business.

Approved RSS Feeds

Our RSS feed tool allows you to provide access to your blog articles and approved online resources to content for your sales reps to share on their social networks. With a few clicks your sales reps can read an article, drop the link into our scheduler and post the article with a comment to help position themselves as thought leaders.

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