Marketing Automation

For most people or organizations that want to use crowdfunding to raise capital, the cost of using a full-on marketing automation solution for even themselves is too expensive.

With CrowdfundingCRM that’s no longer true. Now, you can use it for yourself and put lead scoring, sales alerts, lead nurturing, and a comprehensive sales strategy in each of your crowdfunding teams’ hands to help them develop personal client relationships and raise capital faster.

Marketing Automation
Why should you be lead nurturing?

The reality is the majority of any sales team’s contacts are not truly ready for the sales conversation.

So how can your sales teams maintain top-of-mind awareness of their contacts, gain credibility, and be there when their contacts are ready to purchase?

Answer: Lead Nurturing

After launching an email campaign, how do you move forward with the leads who opened and clicked your emails? And what about the recipients who go further and visit your web page, view three pages, or download a whitepaper? There is a tremendous difference between just a click and the specific actions that express real interest in your products and services.

With CrowdfundingCRM Solo, these actions are opportunities.

CrowdfundingCRM not only automatically tracks interactions with your campaign and your website, but also lets you build your campaign to react to them in real-time.

You can treat each contact differently and appropriately based on email and online interactions. Over time, you gain vital intelligence about your prospects’ activities and interests to help you flesh out fuller profiles and design targeted communications that will resonate with them and lead to positive action: the sale!
Distinguish prospects from suspects.

When is a prospect "ready"? CrowdfundingCRM lead scoring automatically determines which contacts are qualified and which need more attention.

All of a contact’s activities are tracked, and each activity is scored. The sum of all of the contact’s activities is what is known as a Lead Score. By assigning a score to the actions your contacts take while visiting your websites, engaging with your emails and other digital communications, you allow your crowdfunding sales reps to take the guesswork out of who to engage in a crowdfunding investment conversation and when.

Flag promising prospects in real-time.

Your sales reps can’t afford to wait for the best leads. CrowdfundingCRM triggers near real-time email sales alerts, based on lead score, lead stage, and real-time activities, directly to each sales representative’s inbox.

This means your sales reps get immediate information on their most sales ready contacts and can schedule sales calls when they are most likely to result in closing new business.

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