Provide lead protection within your independent sales organization

Whether your crowdfunding team market your campaign or future products or services on one corporate website, or each rep has its own branded landing page, CrowdfundingCRM technology gives every sales rep a customized link.

Here are examples of a customized link:
- http://salesperson’
Capture unidentified contacts

Once your crowdfunding sales rep shares his or her special link via email, social media, or other digital communication, and then the recipient visits your website, CrowdfundingCRM technology will then drop a browser cookie assigning the visitor to the sales rep.

Once installed, that cookie will identify repeat visitors and will assign them to the original rep. If that visitor completes a contact or download form on your website, he or she will be added as a contact to the sales reps CrowdfundingCRM account.

Permanently assign identified contacts

Once contacts are entered into our platform, they are forever assigned to the original sales rep.

CrowdfundingCRM will also identify, via email address, any unidentified contact profile that is the same as a newly added identified contact. De-duplication will automatically merge all device profiles and records for that contact. You will have the most accurate data set possible on every contact’s activity—past, present, and future.

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