Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Schedule social posts to your personal or business accounts using our social media manager, “Get Social.” We are currently integrated with Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Facebook Lead Ads

With our Facebook Lead Ads integration, have the leads you generate via your Facebook campaigns go into your MDC DOT account. When they are added, your leads can be tagged (grouped) and added to an email campaign.



Add contacts from third party apps such as Cognito Forms, GoToMeeting, and more with our integration with Zapier. Zapier has an app directory of over 500 apps.


Whether contacts opt in via webform or are added manually into your account, our integration with Kickbox.io ensures you will only send emails to real contacts. By verifying your contacts’ email addresses at no additional cost, we help you protect your account’s shared email sending reputation.



Our integration with Vimeo allows you to track which embedded videos your contacts watch on your website and how long they watched it.


With our OEM partnership and integration with SendGrid, you can have the peace of mind that your emails are being delivered at the highest rate possible. All of your email sends will be tracked and managed using a respected email delivery infrastructure with proven sending IPs.


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