Email Marketing

With CrowdfudingCRM every action is viewed in the form of a DOT symbol. This makes it easy to create marketing campaigns with our intuitive DOT Sequencer. It’s literally as simple as connecting… the DOTs. You connect these DOTs with the basic math symbols you have used since the first grade, “+ and =,” in order to develop your Crowdfunding campaign’s logic and action steps.

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Email Marketing
Use Sequences to create and deploy all these marketing and lead nurturing campaigns for your sales teams:

Batch and Blast Campaign: One-off email marketing communications such as newsletters, announcements, and event reminders.

Drip Campaign: A series of actions that occur at preset times or days. For example, schedule an automatic weekly communication for every Monday morning to promote a product or upcoming event.

Multi-Step Campaign: React to recipient behavior while they are currently subscribed to your campaign. For example, if the email recipient “Did Not Open” a communication, one prescribed set of actions would occur. However, if the recipient “Did Open” the communication, a different set of prescribed actions would occur. This campaign design automatically sends the most appropriate and timely communication to each potential recipient.

Auto-Responder Campaign: Responses are automatically triggered when a visitor fills out a webform.

Sequence Dots

There are 3 types of DOTs you can use to build sequences:

Action DOTS
send email
transfer to group
Activity DOTS
did open
did not open
did click
did not click
did visit
did not visit
Qualification DOTS
via campaign manager
via sequence group
via webform
via API call
CrowdfundingCRM Sequence Groups.

Our ‘Sequence Groups’ feature makes it easy to automatically move contacts from sequence to sequence and segment your contacts based on past activity with your campaigns. By combining sequences into a single campaign, you also combine stats from all sequences into one data set.
Build emails that are auto branded to your sales agents and recipients.

Our easy to use WSIWIG editor allows you to create emails to be used in your campaigns and auto responders. With over dozen merge tags you can create your emails to be dynamic and pull sales agent and recipient information and images right into the emails as they are sent through your campaigns.

Turn of the WSIWIG editor to paste your custom templates or modify your emails through the code.

Email deliverability powered by SendGrid

CrowdfundingCRM has partnered with the world leader in email infrastructure as a service provider. SendGrid’s email delivery service moves 2% of the world’s non-spam email (over 14 billion emails/month) for more than 180,000 global companies, including technology leaders like Pinterest, Spotify, and Uber.

With our OEM partnership and integration with SendGrid, you can have the piece of mind that behind the scenes your emails are being delivered at the highest rate possible, using proven sending IPs, with all of your email sends being tracked and managed using one of the best email delivery infrastructures available.

Every account includes:

  • CAN-SPAM compliance guaranteed
  • Email bounce & unsubscribes management
  • Hosted email versions are created automatically for every contact
  • Personalized fields and merge tags
  • Enterprise level deliverability


For an extra $25 per month:

  • Send using and get through spam filters
  • Dedicated IP addresses & IP warm-up for new clients
  • SPF & DKIM fully supported

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