We help you keep you and your crowdfunding team stay in compliance with your communication

Nothing is more important with the legalization of Title lll and Regulation A Plus of the JobsAct. They are both regulated processes to raise capital selling equity using general solicitation with unique rules from regulatory bodies such as FINRA and the SEC. Our platform’s tools will allow you and your crowdfunding team to safely become digital marketers and thought leaders.

We understand how one wrong phrase or misrepresentation on a tweet can have serious consequences, including fines, punitive actions, and loss of reputation. That is why we built multiple safeguards into CrowdfundingCRM features and functionality. You can turn off features or limit access to others by allowing crowdfunding sales teams to only use your pre-approved message templates, social posts, and email marketing communications.

Need to archive?

We have message journaling built into our application. Have a copy of every email sent to your archiving solution.

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